Training seminar

Lecturer of the University of Zilina (Slovakia), PhD, Associate Professor MARTINA HAAS conducted a training seminar for the staff of Zhetysu University

At the Higher School of Natural Sciences on 29.09.2022, Associate Professor, PhD of the University of Zhilin Martina Haas held a scientific seminar for the teaching staff of the Higher School on the topic “Research work on environmental protection in the Dzungarian Alatau State National Natural Park- the beginning of future collaboration”, invited to give lectures as part of the academic mobility program.

During the seminar, Martina Haas shared the results of her research work in the field of “biology of high mountains”. He also shared information about the visit to the Dzungarian Alatau State National Nature Park and plans for the upcoming work. He noted that further activation of this cooperation will be the beginning of scientific research and achievements. The participants of the seminar asked questions and made suggestions.