October 25 Republic Day

On October 20, with the students of the groups GTK311, GTK411, GC411, GIR 411 of the Higher School of Natural Sciences, the curator Dyusembinova Saule Myrzabekovna held an educational hour dedicated to the Republic Day.

We have only one Homeland in the world -Independent Kazakhstan. On October 25, 1990, the Supreme Council of the Republic adopted a Declaration that laid the legal basis for the development of the country as an independent State. Thanks to this historically significant step, Kazakhstan has become the first stage of independence. Since then, our state has been on the path of development and prosperity, withstanding the difficulties of the transition period.

Today, all the peoples of Kazakhstan are clearly aware that peace is a great wealth in preserving the unity of the country. We are obliged to defend the independence of our native State, strengthen it, faithfully serve its good, the growth of its dignity in the international community. Now Kazak.