“Dedicated to the Constitution …” was held

10/20/2022 – in the group RYAL-111 (6B01703- Russian language and literature) an open curatorial hour “Dedicated to the Constitution …” was held. The curator of the group is Kristina Chesnokova

The first-year students remembered the main provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the rights and obligations of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and determined on what value basis our Constitution is built.The curator of the RYAL-111 group, Master of Pedagogical Sciences, teacher-lecturer of educational programs of the Russian language and literature Kristina Chesnokova reminded the students about the basic rights and obligations of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan.The event was held in the form of an interesting and meaningful competition, according to the results of which the students were awarded certificates.Students came to the conclusion about the need to respect and honor the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan (coat of arms, flag, anthem), the importance of cultivating a sense of patriotism and internationalism, love for their homeland.