Doctoral students of the 3rd year of the educational program 8D01501 – “Mathematics” of Zhetysu University named after I.Zhansugurov: Koishybekova Aizhan, Abdualiyeva Rima, Meirambek Adilet, Tokanov Mansur, Satkulov Baktiyar from 24.10.2022 to 05.11.2022 passed a scientific internship at the Department of Mathematics of the Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Digital Technologies of the Kazakh National Women’s University pedagogical university. The purpose of the scientific internship: continuous implementation of the doctoral student’s professional competencies and familiarization with the best practices of leading university specialists, acquisition of professional knowledge, skills and abilities. Doctoral students visited the scientific library of the Kazakh National Women’s Pedagogical University, as well as the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Central Scientific Library, where they conducted research on the topics of dissertations. According to the results of the scientific internship, scientific articles were prepared based on the results of the research.