Kazakh cinema is coming to a milestone

In the Higher School of Natural Sciences, in order to describe the spiritual modernization and revival of national values that stimulate patriotic consciousness, 3 rd-year students of the specialty Chemistry-Biology and curator Ukusheva T.K. held an educational event “Kazakh cinema is coming to the frontier”. The meeting discussed: The first steps of the national cinematography of Kazakhstan (1920 – 1940s), the formation and development of Kazakh cinematography (1945 – 1980), Kazakh national cinematography during the period of Independence. Thus, in conclusion, films of spiritual content make us empathize and reflect on actions, show an example of crime and punishment, raise the issue of moral attitude, duty, conscience, honor, offer a reliable way out of a difficult situation and awaken national consciousness among students, respect for the consciousness of the younger generation, for the native people, instills a sense of love, pride, absorbs the national spirit.