Problems of forming an anti-corruption culture among young people

A curatorial hour was held on the topic:” anti-corruption and anti-corruption policy”. The danger for any developing state is corruption, which cannot be lost sight of. A training lecture was held among students of 411 groups of the BPK, ways and means of combating corruption were revealed.

Purpose: education, promotion and formation of an anti-corruption worldview in students; assistance in interaction with state authorities, individuals and legal entities on the implementation of anti-corruption policy.

Anti-corruption education is a targeted process of training and education in the interests of the individual, society and the state, developed within the framework of the national-regional component of state educational standards and based on additional general education and vocational education programs implemented in institutions of primary secondary and higher professional education to solve the tasks of forming an anti-corruption worldview, increasing the level of legal awareness and legal culture, as well as training and retraining of specialists with the appropriate qualifications. The solution to the problem of corruption should be approached in a comprehensive manner. It is necessary to constantly disseminate information about the real scale of corruption, about the harm caused by society and the state as a result of corruption, about its other negative consequences, about the reasons that cause it. It is important to form resistance to false ideas about corruption in the public consciousness.