“Religious extremism and terrorism”

On November 22 2022, with students of the 3rd year of the specialty “Chemistry-Biology” of the Higher School of Natural Sciences, the curator of the group Ukusheva T.K. held an educational hour on the topic “Religious extremism and terrorism”. The purpose of the event: to give students an idea of extremism and terrorism, to comprehend its types, causes and consequences; to foster a sense of tolerance, philosophical and critical attitude to the surrounding reality, to promote spiritual perfection and self-knowledge, to strengthen the sense of Kazakhstani patriotism. Formation of a negative attitude towards terrorism, extremism. Today, many people know that one of the most pressing problems in the world is the threat of religious extremism and terrorism. This global threat brings economic and moral costs to society and causes alarm. During the Online meeting, the students shared their thoughts. Summing up, we were once again convinced of the wisdom of the Kazakh people, there have never been conflicts on an interethnic and interfaith basis in our country. Kazakhstan has never supported controversial countries based solely on ethnic or religious views. In Kazakhstan, no one is allowed to insult national or religious dignity under the pretext of “freedom of speech”.