On November 23, 2022, a physics Olympiad was organized at the Higher School of Natural Sciences among students of the group of educational programs “Pedagogical informatics”

The purpose of the Olympiad is to increase the interest of students in the in–depth study of programming, to identify creative abilities, as well as to search for young talents. The winners of the subject Olympiad were awarded to the following students of MIK211, MIK311, MIR311, IPK 211: I place – 2nd year student Seitaly Nurdaulet; II place – 2nd year students Melikhan Adilet and Zabrodin Sergei; III place – 3nd year student Ualiyeva Salsabil, 2nd year student Kuanyshbaeva Gauhar and 3rd year student Zhanabaeva Aiganym.