“Tauelsizdik tugyrym”

      On November 30, 2022, with the organization of the OP of the social and humanitarian direction, the historical evening “Tauelsizdik tugyrym” was held, dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The evening was attended by the dean of the Higher School of Humanities K. Rysbekov, teachers and students. “Today’s event is very important in its content. Because we have been going to independence, which the Kazakh people have dreamed of for centuries, for a very long time. And today it turns 31 years old. The goal of the next generation is to maintain this independence. In this regard, our duty is to instill in students a sense of high patriotism and love for their Motherland,” the dean noted. In general, this evening students of the specialties “History”, “Journalism”, “Kazakh language and literature”, “Foreign language: two foreign languages” performed staged scenes dedicated to two historical periods in the history of Kazakhstan of the twentieth century (the Alash movement and the December events of 1986) and read poems dedicated to the above theme of the evening. The spectators who came to the evening expressed warm wishes and noted the high level of organization of the event and the excellent role of students in recreating the images of personalities of those times.