02.12.2022, the KTA-412 group of the Higher School of Humanities of Zhetysu University and the group’s adviser Gulmira Sayatovna held an educational hour on the topic “Oz tilin birlikke, Ozge tillikke”. The main purpose of the open educational hour is the status of the Kazakh language. Within the framework of the topic, a project was presented on the degree of the existing indicator of the Kazakh language in the state, the meaning of the Russian-language word and the solution of a huge problem. At the same time, an inspiring, fascinating song and a kui revealed the essence of the educational hour. The great achievement of this event was the website “Til Tanym” (https://tiltanymportal.wixsite.com/tiltanym ), which was founded by a student of the group J.Sagyndykom is specially for language lovers. The site is presented in three languages, there is a collection of dictionaries, a library, an online consultation, a section of questions and answers. The closing ceremony of the evening ended with warm words from the Dean of the Higher School of Humanities Kadyr Koishybekovich.