Studentship is a period that is remembered by interest and difficulties. Four years pass like four days, in the blink of an eye. About such an interesting and eventful time, the teacher of the Higher School of Humanities of our University Suleimenova Gulmira Sayatovna on 05.12.2022 organized an educational hour “Kyzykty kunil, studenttik omir” with students of the 4th year of the specialty Kazakh language and literature of educational programs for the training of philologists (KTA- 411 group). Honorary teachers are also invited to the educational hour: Sailau Kazhybekovich, Mamilya Turgambaevna, Shara Asetovna, Gulnara Torebekovna, Madina Bolatovna.

Students sang songs, read poems. They staged scenes from interesting moments of student life. The invited teachers were asked interesting questions related to situations. Teachers were also interviewed. For an hour it seemed that the student was showing the happy life of the student. The newcomers made a trip to their youth. At the end of the educational hour, the teachers expressed their warm wishes.