Psychological training is a variety of exercises and discussions to recognize the environment, through the life experience of people and in the course of communication. It is due to the tension of the events happening in the environment and the relationship with people, the desire of the teenager to solve these problems and the impact of the lack of life experience. On this occasion, it was organized by Diana Sayatovna Sergazynova, a psychologist of our University
A seminar-training was held within the framework of the theme “MAP OF MY FUTURE LIFE”. The seminar was conducted by Ungarbaeva Shynar Uatkhanovna, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, AuthorIDvScopus. On the one hand, the training is aimed at maximum “complexity”, on the other hand at psychological explanation, that is, at resolving the internal contradictions of the person. During the training, various psychological exercises were performed and feedback was established with the students.