Thanksgiving is the pinnacle of wisdom

On February 23, 2023, the educational event “Gratitude Day-the peak of Wisdom” was held at the Higher School of Natural Sciences. Organizers: curator Ukusheva T.K. and students of the 3rd year majors “Chemistry-Biology”, “Biology”. The purpose of the event: to expand ideas about the value of “respect”; to give an idea of gratitude, gratitude, gratitude; to develop love for elders and juniors, sociability; to foster decency, humility, benevolence. The event was attended by the cultural organizer of the Department of Educational and sociological work, Marat Elaman Sayatovich, the head of the Department of Natural Science, Oksikbayev Berikzhan Kylyshbekovich, and the teachers of the OP. The event revealed and analyzed the history and significance of Thanksgiving. A small festive program was staged.

Kind words, kind deeds, kind thoughts, do not spare your feelings, say a kind word “Thank you” more often! Remember that every time a person hears gratitude and appreciation, he wants to do good! May there be peace in the whole world!