Educational and methodological training seminar

In accordance with the methodological plan of the OP of the socio-humanitarian direction, 1.03.2023, Ph.D. in Philology, lecturer S.K. Rakhipova conducted a methodological seminar for the teaching staff of the Higher School of Humanities, the topic of the seminar was “Secrets of the structure and work of the brain. Fitness for the brain”.

The purpose of the seminar: training cognitive skills.

During the seminar, they got acquainted with the structure of the brain and the basic principles of its work, learned the basics of fitness for the brain: training for every day, did exercises for memory, attention, concentration, development of critical thinking, repetition and correct memory. Colleagues rated the seminar as interesting, applied, and noted a high cognitive level of knowledge. At the end of the seminar, the teachers were given the opportunity to share their impressions and give feedback. Seminars in this direction are still planned in the future.