The use of modern active and interactive methods and technologies in the educational programs of the natural science direction

On March 01, 2023, c.g.s. Tokpanov Ye.A., the teacher-lecture of educational programs in the natural-scientific direction in the 206 audience of the second educational building held an open lecture on the topic “Modern methods and technologies for geography training” according to the discipline Methods of teaching geography in group 311 GTK of the educational program 6B01510-Geography-History.

During the lecture, modern active and interactive teaching methods and technologies were used, such as problematic learning, the development of critical thinking, taxonomy of the levels of cognition of B. Bloom, discussion, work in small groups, information technologies.

At a lecture conducted in the form of public control of knowledge, students effectively organized independent training, performing level tasks in accordance with criteria assessment and descriptors.

Students divided into small groups effectively used digital Internet cards, electronic educational resources to disclose the essence of natural phenomena and processes, laws and patterns and their interpretations.