At Zhetysu University named after Ilyas Zhansugurov, from March 6 to March 18, 2023, on the basis of the Center for Professional Development and Complementary Education, professional training courses for notaries of the Zhetysu region were organized and conducted under the program “Actual problems of notary activity in Kazakhstan: issues of theory and practice”. According to the professional development program, the issues of inheritance law, property rights, the application of family legislation in notarial practice, the execution of an executive inscription, general provisions on obligations were considered. The training was conducted under the guidance of a candidate of legal Sciences, lecturer-teacher of the Higher School of Law and Economics of Zhetysu University, a member of the Disciplinary Commission of the Notary Chamber of Zhetysu region, a member of the Chamber of Legal Consultants of Zhetysu region, a mediator trainer B.K. Chingaeva. Upon completion of the training, learners were awarded certificates of successful completion of advanced training courses.