Educational lesson: Be honest!

On March 31, with the students of the GTK311, GTK411, GK411, GIR411 group of the “Geography-History” educational program, the head of which was S.M. Dyusembinova. “Be honest!” in the context of corruption held an educational lesson on the topic.

What is corruption? Lat.corruptio – criminal actions dangerous to the society, committed by officials in the procurement-state management structure in order to use the service opportunities entrusted to them for their personal benefit and interest.Consequences of corruption: economic growth slows down, social and political tensions worsen, in case of mass corruption of high-ranking government officials, law enforcement agencies cannot bring them to criminal responsibility for their crimes.

To sum up, corruption is true, it is a global problem. He was going to spread all kinds of tricks in the world. M/ly, from the other side of the ocean, he will tell you that when he comes to Kazakhstan, he will feed you and grease your belly. Our people, of course, firmly believe in him and make a souvenir “You will be fine if you don’t have a scarf and a tunic.” After that, there will be a global uproar. In order to silence the noise, he begs for another trick. Corruption is a phenomenon that has engulfed all the countries of the world like a spider’s web. The experts of the international organization Transparency International say that in any country where poverty prevails, and in which country the social situation is deteriorating, bribery, corruption, and corruption plague that country.