“Drug addiction is the disease of the century”

On 05.04.2023, the Higher School of Natural Sciences held an educational hour “Drug addiction-disease of the century” for groups IR111, IR111 of the EP in pedagogical Informatics. The educational hour was organized by the curator of the group Ayim Yeseykyzy. The purpose of the educational hour is prevention, education of a conscious and healthy lifestyle, awareness of the great danger of drug addiction to human life.

Students watched videos related to drug addiction, and in order to summarize these videos, Proverbs related to health and life were requested. At the end of the educational hour, the curator of the group noted that the task of every citizen is to improve their social life, use free time more efficiently, and avoid harmful activities. In addition, he advised to avoid such diseases of our time as smoking and drug addiction. Everyone has a happy, healthy life in their hands!