1st-year students of the specialty DSHK111,112,113,117 (k\o) of the Faculty of Higher School of Physical Culture and Art by the teacher-lecturer of the socio-humanitarian direction Nurbosynova L.S. held an open lecture using innovative technologies on the course “Philosophy” on the topic: “Education, science, technology and technology” (02/20/2023). The main purpose of the lesson was to substantiate the historical and theoretical foundations of the philosophy of science and the philosophy of education, the peculiarities of scientific knowledge, the scientific picture of the world, as well as the problems of scientific and technological progress and the prospects for the development of modern science. The students were very interested in the model “Bilimdi Adam” and the project “New humanitarian knowledge. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language” as a contribution to the development of national science and education.