Awarding scientists

In 2022, scientists of our university published a large number of scientific articles in the journals of the Scopus and Web of Science databases. Some articles have been published in journals with a high percentile and quartile, which shows that our university can compete with leading universities in modern science. Our scientists are rewarded annually for their efforts and efforts. 10 of our scientists were awarded for publications in scientific journals with a high percentile and quartile in the Scopus and Web of Science databases in 2021, and 10 of our scientists were also awarded in 2022:

1. Yessengabylov Ilyas Zhanserkenovich. Determination of the Use of Internet of Things Technology in Educational Settings among University Students. (83rd percentile)

2. Nurmukhankyzy Daniya. Problems of legal regulation of activities for the commercial use of space communications. (83rd percentile)

3. Bazhenova Elmira Dauletkhanovna. The Impact of Virtual Reality on Post-Compulsory Students’ Learning Outcomes: A Review with Meta-Analysis. (83rd percentile)

4. Kanagatov Zhambyl Zholdybayevich. Characteristics and tourism potential of the burabay national park (kazakhstan). (69th percentile)

5. Tokpanov Yerik Yersalynovich. Ecological tourism development in the national parks of Belarus. (69th percentile)

6. Kassymova Aigerim Malikovna. From tourism geography perspective Salda Lake (Turkey) and near surrounding. (69th percentile)

7. Lukhmanova Gulnar Koishybayevna. Labour Integration of the EAEU Member States. (67th percentile)

8. Seralieva Nailya Zhumagalievna. Professional development of kazakhstani rural teachers of russian language and literature in the context of digitalization of education (64th percentile)

9. Santaeva Kulimkoz Tenizbaevna. Unemployment  in the area of construction of the Turkestan-Siberian railroad (69th percentile)

10. Auelbek Murat Auelbekuly. Analysis of Studies in the Literature on Educational Robotics. (69th percentile)

Zhetysu University named after Ilyas Zhansugurov expresses gratitude to the scientists of the University for the promotion and popularization of science, and also wishes creative success and new discoveries!