Open lecture lesson

On 24.04.2023, the lecturer of the Higher School of Natural Sciences, PhD of the educational program in the natural science direction Mukasheva D.M. held an open lecture lesson with the 3rd year group HBK 311 specialty 6B01507 “Chemistry-Biology” on the topic: “Thecontent and structure of plants anatomy and morphology, methods of their teaching”. The SMART goal of the lesson was set: The goal of the lesson: students determine, analyze and summarize the content, structure and methods of teaching anatomy and morphology of plants. SMART lesson goals: 1. Students achieve creative independence by using effectively the capabilities of modern information technologies; 2.They make a short-term lesson plan and a long-term lesson plan by analyzing the methodological literature; 3. Students’ theoretical and practical knowledge is deepened and their professional competencies are formed on the basis of the use of advanced pedagogical technologies. The open lesson was conducted by the research method. The teacher says that the main direction of the research method is to provide methods of scientific cognition, development of creative activity of students. And also that at this moment students, performing research tasks, act as researchers. Active teaching methods were also used in the lesson: the 3D Object Viewer program, the Jigsaw method, the method of research conversation in the process of dialogic learning according to Mercer’s research, team work, poster, trilingual learning system, Kahoot, Bloom’s taxonomy, reflection. The lesson was attended by the Chairman of the Academic Committee of the Higher School of Humanities Sciencies Shynybekova Aizhan Sakhanovna, Master, lecturer of Law Zhunispayeva Ainur Baurzhanovna, the faculty of the EP in the natural sciences direction. The open lecture lesson was held at a high level and in accordance with the level of a higher educational institution.