On April 20-21, 2023, the team of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov, including team leader A. Bedelbayeva and pedagogical developers N. Zhanatbekova, A. Sapargaliyeva took part in the final seminar of the World Bank project “Strengthening the potential of pedagogical education”. Representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, key experts from Finnish universities, the Ambassador of Finland to Kazakhstan and representatives of 17 universities of Kazakhstan took part in the seminar. As part of the project, a model of pedagogical education and 30 new educational programs in the field of “Pedagogical Sciences” were developed. The participants of the project were awarded with certificates of 300 academic hours, and the team leaders with certificates of advanced training of 15 ESTS for achieving the results of 3 modules of the training program of the Häme University of Applied Sciences (Finland).