Next seminar for students of the student club “Geographer-researcher”

12.10.2023 was held a seminar for students on the topic of external, internal tourist expedition within the summer vacation of students of the 3rd year of the educational program Geography-History Bolatpayev Zhanibek and Nurahmetov Nursultan.

During the seminar Bolatpayev Zhanibek described in detail his 3-month tourist expedition to North America, State Maine during the summer vacation within the framework of the program “Work and Travel USA”. Zhanibek answered in detail the students’ questions about his trip to State Maine, a tourist trip in which he worked. Nurakhmetov Nursultan shared interesting facts, photos, videos of the archeological expedition “Tourist Local History” in the period 05.06.23-05.07.23 in the village of Katon-Karagaу Akkaynar, in the period 20.08.23-15.09.23 in the territory of Tautekeli Katon-Karagaу National Park of East Kazakhstan region under the guidance of the Institute of Archeology named after Alkei Margulan. Alkey Margulan.

Teachers, students with interest discussed the trip, expedition, asked questions, expressed wishes.