Yngai is a belt that allows people with disabilities to climb stairs in a multi-story building individually. In addition, thanks to the Yngai project, people with disabilities will be able to independently move between rooms located on a narrow scale. Our Yngai project is fully insured and has a custom design.

Project goal:

• Allows people with disabilities to move independently.

• Return of the disabled person to normal life.

• Providing disabled people with a new opportunity for independent independent living.

Expected results:

Currently, work is underway at the Product Fit stage of the project. The first samples of the project are ready. Preparation of 20 first samples within 1 year.

Project Manager: Bekezhanov Dauren Nurzhanovich

– Winner of the title “Best teacher BU3a – 2021.”

– Performer in the scientific project AP05132963-OT-20 “Legal support for agricultural cooperation in the context of land reform in the context of the State Agro-Industrial Complex Program until 2020.” Implementation period 2018-2020.

– Performer in the scientific project AP08857095-OT-20 “Problems of legal regulation of digitalization of environmental information in the Republic of Kazakhstan.” Implementation period 2020-2022.

– Performer in the scientific project AP14870596 “Problems of legal regulation of rational use and protection of pasture ecosystems.” Implementation period 2022-2024.

– Performer in the scientific project AP14872548 “Modern environmental legal order: Kazakhstan case.” Implementation period 2022-2024.

– Certificate of accreditation by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a subject of scientific activity (Series MK No. 000032, 2021).

Research team members:

Omarkhan Meirambek Zhanatkhanuly

Baibol Zhanbol Erboluly

“Thank you letter” for actively participating in the competition of IT innovative ideas and startup projects and contributing to the development of innovative ideas of “Zhansugurov college”

We entered the top ten among college teams in the “Student Energy Challenge-Junior” competition organized on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of KAZENEGY.

Grand prize at the start-up competition held at “Zhansugurov College”;

Taldykorgan City “My Civil Vision” Piraeus Tournament II – place;

For active participation in the Republican Grand and Parliamentary Debate Tournament “I’m an Entrepreneur” dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Madaktama

We won the main prize at the STARTUP WEEKEND project competition on the theme of CLIMATE CHANGE held in Nur-Sultan and won a 1-year study grant.

Acknowledgment letter for the contribution to the development of the university and “Zhansugurov college” within the intra-university festival “My Kazakhstan” on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

At the Startup Weekend Blockchain forum held in Almaty city, he was awarded with a Certificate, standing out;

In addition to the Best Bio-Technological Project and the Grand Prize, we tied funds in the amount of 100,000 tenge to our dowry at the “Jetisu Startup” innovative project competition.

II place at the regional youth forum “JETISÝ JASTARY-2022” on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugirov;

I became a semi-finalist of the “ENACTUS NATINOL EXPO 2022” competition, a finalist of the “WATER RACE” and “OLZHA AGRO” competitions.

3rd place in the city debate tournament held in Taldykorgan;

1st place in the Republican “Kazenergy Challenge Junior” 2022 competition held among college students.

“My Dream” Republican innovation competition – 3rd place;

According to the final results of the Republican grand tournament “I am an entrepreneur” in the direction of “Production” – 2nd place;

1st place in the Republican contest of business-startup projects “ACTION-2023” held at the “SHERKHAN MURTAZA INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TARAS INNOVATION”;

1st place in the competition of projects in the field of “Formation of anti-corruption culture in society” held among students and undergraduates of Zhetisu University named after I. Zhansugirov;

In the league of “ENACTUS KAZAKHSTAN NATIONAL EXPO 2023” national cup, the Enactus Zhansugurov College team became one of the best teams of the year, and the team’s annual report – we received a special prize of 500,000 tenge from Enactus sponsors.

I passed the entrepreneurship courses “United Nations Development Agenda 17”, “Shell Mindset Development”, “World Environmental Forum”, 54-hour “NX-Ploer”, “Prosvetitelsky Hackathon”.

We became the winner for the second time in the Kaz-Energy-Junior competition held among Republican college teams in 2023 and won a grant of 2500 dollars.