“The Young Biologist”

On December 1, 2023, the Olympiad “Young Biologist” was held among students of 1-3 courses of the specialty “Biology” in the natural science field. The Olympiad consisted of two rounds – theoretical and practical. In the theoretical round, the participants completed test tasks in the main sections of biology: cell biology, botany, zoology of invertebrates and vertebrates, anatomy and physiology of humans and animals, molecular biology, genetics, plant physiology, evolutionary studies. The head of the OP in the natural science field, B. K. Oksikbaev. He congratulated the participants on the opening of the Olympiad and wished them success.

During the Olympiad, the participants showed a good level of knowledge in the main sections of biology and their skills in biology. In the individual and team standings, the places were distributed as follows:

1st place: Karlygash group – 3rd year

2nd place: group “Cell” – 2nd year

3rd place: group “Antibodies” – 1st year

For active participation, the group “Immunity” was awarded to students of the 3rd year.