Russian Russian Language and Literature”, ЕP 6B01703 “Russian language and Literature”, ЕP 6B01704 “Russian language and literature in schools with a non-Russian language of instruction” of the Higher School of Humanities was held on December 08, 2023, an introductory conference on pedagogical practice for students of the 3rd, 4th courses of educational programs of the Higher School of Humanities. The heads of the practice Seralieva N.J., Rysdauletova B.T., Somova E.V., Jirenbaeva G.N., Abaydeldanova M.K. introduced the students to the goals and objectives, the program of practice, the main types of accounting documentation.

Russian Russian As it is known, at the invitation of the university administration, in the 3rd year, practical classes on the methodology of teaching the Russian language and the methodology of teaching Russian literature are conducted by employers: Jirenbaeva G.N. and Somova E.V. who spared no effort and time, shared their knowledge and accumulated experience with future teachers and will lead the practice in their schools. The distribution of students among the schools of the city and the region was carried out. It is very important that students take their first internship at the best schools in the city, under the guidance of experienced mentors. Accordingly, the 3rd year students chose NIS, SSHG No. 12 and Secondary School No. 18 as the base for practical training.Taldykorgan.

The 4th year students chose the NICHE, SSHG No. 14, SSHG No. 12, where they successfully completed their internship in the 3rd year, the conference was lively and interesting.

The final year students shared with the third-year students their little experience and difficulties from last year’s practice, and wished them success.