Students of educational programs of journalism and information met with their own correspondent of TV channel «Khabar 24» in Zhetysu region. Teacher-lecturer Bayan Mashryphankyzy provided such an excellent opportunity.

Well-known journalist Ardak Aybaruly during the meeting with the students of the KBK-211 group gave several examples from the experience of a quarter of a century and tried to answer honestly the questions.

Anyway, the students’ environment is clean. We didn’t even notice how quickly one of the pairs allocated to us flew. The young people offered me to teach the practice. If the management invited, why not…», – the speaker concluded.

At the end of the event, our guest visited the television studio of the university and gave an interview to future colleagues. He also gave them his book «Тамырымды бүлкілдет, жылғалы өлең». Students thought about poetry and prose, read poems. And most importantly, useful master class was held for future PR-specialists.