“Winter School -2024”

As a part of the “Winter School -2024” organized by  Zhetysu University named after I.  Zhansugurov from January 9-12, 2024 the Higher School of Pedagogy and Psychology held a series of seminars “Pedagogical Mastery” on January 10, 2024. Not only teachers from our university, but also from other educational organizations took part in the sectional work. The section is organized both offline and online using Zoom. The moderator was the Chairman of the Academic Committee of the Higher School of Pedagogy and Psychology, teacher-lecturer, Ph.D. A. Galieva. The work of the section was opened by the dean of the higher school, PhD  E. Khaimuldanov, he  wished success to all participants.  Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor  N. Abishev, PhD  R. Zheldibaeva, 1st year doctoral student Zh. Nurmukhamedkyzy spoke about the topic “Transformation of education: present and future”; teacher-lecturer,  PhD G. Mailybaeva, director of the “Modern Multidisciplinary College” S. Abylaikhan (Karaganda) – topic “Technology of  foundation formation of the preschool children’s  moral culture ” and teacher-lecturer, candidate of pedagogical sciences  Zh. Zheksembayeva shared the topic “Organizations of additional education for children in Kazakhstan: present and future.” The issues of transformation in education, the technology of foundation formation of of the preschool children’s  moral culture, and the organization of additional education for children in Kazakhstan were actively discussed