Winter School

From 09.01.-12.01.24 in Zhetysu University named after Ilyas Zhansugurov began the work of the Winter School of Pedagogical mastery – 2024.

The purpose of the winter school is to improve the pedagogical skills of the teaching staff of the university on the basis of the introduction of new innovative technologies in the educational process.

The work of the plenary session was built on the involvement of speakers from the National Center for Professional Development “Өrleu” of Astana and Taldykorgan, leading teachers of other universities of Almaty, a specialist of the Center for psychological support “Rich TELS” of Taldykorgan in offline and online formats. The starting point of the breakout sessions was a seminar by leading teachers of the university on passing and creating mass open online courses, including on the Coursera platform (Zheldibayeva R., Abdulaeva B., Akhmetov Zh.). Breakout sessions for each higher school were planned in the following days according to the program, where all educational programs of the university were covered.

The peculiarity of the Winter School of Pedagogical Excellence – 2024 was the involvement of lecturers from other universities in order to share experiences, learn new innovative technologies used by the teaching staff of different areas of training.