Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov took part in the educational exhibition “Mentor on ethical and legal work”, created in accordance with the idea of the akim of Zhetysu region. This meeting is held from January 12 to February 29 by 40 universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan for graduates of schools of the Zhetysu region. The purpose of the exhibition is to form a unified educational space, such as mentoring support for the personal development of students in the region, network socialization of children and adults. As well as familiarization with universities, strengthening career guidance with the invitation of representatives of the best universities in the country. Great interest was aroused by the informative presentation presented by representatives of Zhetysu University about the university, which established final contacts with applicants. In addition, all image products were presented to school graduates. About 160 students took part in the meeting.