The course of pedagogical practice

09.02.2024. for students of the 3rd grade of educational programs of the Higher School of Natural Sciences “Pedagogical Informatics”, pedagogical and practical work was carried out on 6B01505-Informatics, 6B01502-Mathematics-Informatics, 6B01504-Physics-Informatics.
Teachers — lecturers of educational programs of pedagogical informatics N.Ermekova, G. Kasteeva visited the assigned schools, talked with mentors, took part in open classes Yerkin Hadishi at school No. 28, Beisenbai Karlygash at school No. 5, Nusip Darina at school No. 18.

Students in the open lesson used interactive games, presentations and projection methods, etc.
The specialists of the institution, the heads of the practice provide methodological and mentoring assistance.
The classes were held at a high level, the mentors highly appreciate the readiness, pedagogical skills, as well as the organizational abilities of the students.