The psychological training on the topic “Prevention of professional burnout”

On February 8, 2024 The Higher School of Pedagogy and Psychology began its activities as part of the “30 good deeds” campaign at the university. The first event was held for employees of the educational and methodological center “Language” and the Religious Affairs Department of  Zhetysu region.

And the dean of the higher school began good deeds. Deputy Dean for Research, Master of Pedagogical Sciences Yessimbekova Assylzhan Omarovna and coordinator of the Dean for Academic Affairs, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Shakirova Araily Dalelovna conducted a psychological training on the topic “Prevention of professional burnout”.

The purpose of the training is to restore the resource state of office workers against the background of emotional burnout. As a result of the event, practical training was conducted in the skills of coping with burnout syndrome; activation of the human resource state; reducing emotional stress and mental fatigue. During the training, tasks such as emotional freedom, openness, and trust were performed.

Other good deeds will continue.