Since 2022, Zhetysu University, named after I. Zhansugurov, has actively engaged in two international projects funded by the European Commission’s HORIZON-MSCA program.

In early February, the project coordinator Lund University (Sweden), in collaboration with Medipol University (Turkey), organized academic events, featuring the active participation of Zhetysu University’s staff, including Doctor of Economics Professor D. Kaldiyarov, Candidate of Historical Sciences Associate Professor N. Baigabatova, PhD Associate Professor D. Nurmukhankyzy, and Junior Researcher A. Kashaganova.

The final conference of the international project «Central Asian Law: Legal Cultures and Business Environments in Central Asia» took place in Istanbul on February 1-2, 2024. More details about the project can be found at During the conference, N. Baigabatova and D. Nurmukhankyzy delivered insightful presentations, showcasing the results of their research. These findings are slated for publication by reputable publishers such as Palgrave Macmillan and Routledge.

Additionally, from February 3 to 6, a methodological seminar for the project «MOCCA: Multilevel Orders of Corruption in Central Asia» was conducted ( Within this seminar, D. Nurmukhankyzy led a training session on «Anti-corruption assessment and expertise of legislation in Kazakhstan». The seminar drew the participation of approximately 100 scientists from both Europe and Asia.

Participating in these scientific events proved immensely beneficial and productive. It provided a platform to present research findings, exchange experiences with colleagues from diverse countries, receive valuable feedback on their work, and expand their professional network for future collaborations on these projects.