As part of the ten-day period of Nauryznam, a Meeting Day was held – the Amal holiday

In accordance with the first day of the decade of the program of the new Nauryznam format, students EP 6В01500-Geography, of the Higher School of Natural Sciences held an event: March 14 is the Day of the meeting – the Amal holiday. Traditionally, this is a day when all relatives, relatives,  people, neighbors, etc. greet each other, go to visit. The daily life of our people was filled with diverse traditions, family, and household customs. All this was based on the unity of the country, reflected in the spiritual life, shaped our national upbringing. The students organized the script “kudalyk toyy” dedicated to one of the long-standing traditions of our country.The meaning of the script reveals the culture and traditions, customs and social values of the Kazakh people, illustrating the richness of Kazakh culture and social structure.