“The upbringing of girls is the upbringing of the nation” was the title of the event.

In connection with the 15th anniversary of the “Qyzgaldak” girls’ club of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Zhetysu University named after Ilyas Zhansugirov, an event called “The upbringing of girls is the upbringing of the nation” was held.

During the event, which took place within the framework of the educational program, experienced teachers who actively participated in the work from the first day of the “Qyzgaldak” girls’ club shared their experiences. Among them were Boribekova Farzana Boribekovna, Naubaeva Khapiza Tanirbergenovna, Ibragimova Karlygash Karbozovna, Taubaldieva Zhanna Shamkenovna, Bakradenova Altyn Bakradenova, Batyrgaliev Abzel Sraylovna, and the teaching staff of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology. The event was organized with the participation of students of the 6B01301-Primary Pedagogy and Methodology and 6B01201-School Pedagogy and Educational Programs, as well as doctoral students of the educational program, supervised by teacher Taurbekova Ainur Sapashovna.

The significant event began with the composition “Aru Gumyr” and included discussions on topics such as “Saving lives”, “Mother’s lullaby”, “National values”, and “The art of dressing and making braids for girls”. Bayzakova Aliya Muratbekovna provided guidelines on preventing viruses, while Mailibaeva Gulmira Sabirovna answered important questions regarding lullabies and traditions in the lullaby genre. Ibyraimzhanov Kalibek Turdygaziyevich contributed his ideas on national values. The event also presented the “Modern pedagogical technologies in primary education” study tool within the framework of the project to the students of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology.

Curators Kystaubayeva Botagoz Kystaubayevna and Mukhasheva Meruert Baurzhanovna engaged students in artistic activities and braid weaving, demonstrating their skills as educators.

The pioneers of the “Qyzgaldak” girls’ club, among whom one of them, Qabanbayeva Lazzat, was especially noted for her dedication.

The foundation of the Qyzgaldak girls’ club was laid by Boribekova Farzana Boribekovna, a candidate of pedagogical sciences, an associate professor (docent). Over the past 15 years, numerous events have been held aimed at promoting humanistic, moral, and ethical values, family values, and fostering a sense of citizenship through special programs and initiatives.