Open day

On April 16, 2024, an “Open Day” was held at the Zhetysu University named after Ilyas Zhansugurov at the Higher School of Humanities, Law and Economics, Pedagogy and Psychology for graduates of educational organizations of the Zhetysu region. The meeting was held in the main academic building No. 1 of the university. Information about the event was presented everywhere and about 400 future young students arrived. Students from schools in Taldykorgan and the surrounding area and the private school “Innoverse Academy” took part.

During the event, an exhibition was organized and image products were distributed in order to demonstrate the achievements of three higher schools in educational programs. The participants who arrived were able not only to take a tour of higher schools, structural divisions, centers, scientific laboratories, a museum, a library and a start-up, get acquainted with their material and technical base and advantages, but also to get information about educational programs and opportunities for young people.

The participants of the meeting talked with teachers and staff of the university, received answers to questions related to admission to study, obtaining knowledge on the academic mobility program, etc.

He also created a free interview with active students about student life. In general, by participating in the Open Day, students got to know the university better and developed a new approach. We hope that this collection will greatly help students in choosing a profession. The event will continue.