Within the framework of the ИРН AP project 19678345 “Development of creative abilities of the future primary school teachers through research competencies” was organized a round table on “Development of creative abilities of future teachers” was held.

On April 24, 2024, within the framework of the project IRN AP 19678345 “Development of the creative abilities of future primary school teachers through research competencies,” teachers of the educational program of teaching and educational methods of the Higher School of Pedagogy and Psychology K.T. Ybyraimzhanov, S.A. Feyzuldaeva, A.S. Taurbekova and B.K. Kystaubaeva held a round table on the topic “Development of creative abilities of future teachers” in order to determine ways to achieve creativity through research competencies in the professional activities of teachers.

During a round table with students of educational programs 6B01301 “Pedagogy and methodology of primary education” and 6B01201 “Preschool education and upbringing”, approaches and methods aimed at developing the research competence of teachers in their professional activities were analyzed.        Teachers from secondary schools in the Zhetisu region and the city of Taldykorgan took part in the round table. Primary school teacher at secondary school No. 7 named after. K.Ushinsky A.B. Suyundinova shared her experience and made a report on the topic “Formation of functional literacy of primary school students”, head of the kindergarten “Baldauren” in the Koksu district of L.A. Dyusenbaeva, kindergarten methodologist A.Zh. Ermukhametova, kindergarten teachers A.T. Oralbekova, Zh.Zh. Nasimova and G.N. Kozhanova, in turn, shared their creative experience through their own research on the following topics: “The importance of Froebel technology in preschool organizations”, “The use of the silk-screen printing method for the development of children’s creative abilities”, “The world of fairy tales” – author’s fairy tales with educational significance, “The use of gypsum charts in children’s garden,” and also introduced future teachers to types of creative work.