Educational program

6В01502 Mathematics-Informatics

EP purpose 

Preparation of a bachelor with professional competencies in the field of modern pedagogy, theory and methodology of teaching mathematics and computer science, who knows modern information technologies, has theoretical and practical knowledge to identify and solve research problems in the field of education

EP type


Level on NQF


Level on SQF


The awarded academic degree


Period of study


Volume of the credits


Language of education

Kazakh, Russian, English

Date of approval of the OP at the Board meeting

07.04.2021 (protocol No. 4)

Professional standard



                               Learning outcomes:


Takes an active civil position in interpersonal and intercultural communication in a multilingual environment on the basis of fundamental knowledge and skills in the field of social, political, cultural, psychological sciences in the context of their role in the modernization and digitalization of Kazakhstan’s society;


Has the ability to evaluate and apply innovative approaches to the understanding of social phenomena and processes in the legal, entrepreneurial, industrial, environmental environment;


Able to predict, plan and manage the educational process in terms of the updated content of secondary education, taking into account the physiological and functional features of the development processes, the individual educational needs of pupils and students;


Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the classical sections of mathematics, is proficient in the methods of mathematical reasoning, mathematical terminology, methods for solving typical problems at the professional level;


Analyzes and synthesizes observable facts and phenomena by mathematical methods, demonstrates knowledge and understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts, and is able to use the theoretical foundations of classical and modern physics in practice.


Analyzes and synthesizes the principles of interaction between programs and the operating system, as well as between the operating system and computer hardware, knows how to choose the optimal operating system for current tasks and optimize application programs for the selected operating system, orients in modern trends in the development of hardware and software.


Uses the basic programming technologies, is able to solve problems using various methods of algorithm development and choosing the most suitable algorithms and means of their implementation depending on the formulation of the problem, owns methods and tool development tools;


Develops models for constructing mathematical education, principles, methods and technologies for teaching mathematics and informatics. He owns a technique for solving various problems, performs intra-subject and interdisciplinary communication in school work, is able to carry out logical reasoning, substantiated arguments and correctly represent mathematical knowledge in oral and written forms in a multilingual environment.


Evaluates the features of the updated content of education, inclusive education, uses the technology of criteria-based assessment of the expected results of students, applies the strategies of the updated content of education in future professional activities