Educational program6B04102 State and local governance
EP purpose training of specialists of new formation, having broad fundamental knowledge, initiative, adaptive to the changing requirements of the labour market and technologies, able to work in a team with the necessary knowledge in the field of public service, Economics, management, Finance, law, psychology, statistics able to analyze source material and to draw conclusions.
EP typeActing EP
Level on NQF6
Level on SQF6
EP distinctive featuresNo
The awarded academic degreeBachelor
Period of study4
Volume of the credits240
Language of educationRussian, kazakh
Date of approval of the OP at the Board meeting07.04.2021 (protocol No. 4)
Professional standardActivities in the field of planning and analysis of the company’s resources; Financial management
                               Learning outcomes:
1Has the ability to evaluate and apply innovative approaches to understanding socially significant social phenomena and processes in the legal, business, industrial, and environmental environment;
2he knows laws, theories and applies them in practical situations, relying on natural, scientific, technological and mathematical Sciences;
3knows the scientific principles underlying professional activity
4he speaks Kazakh (Russian), foreign languages and applies them in professional activities and communication, as well as in interpersonal communication and is able to work in an international environment with an understanding of cultural, linguistic and socio-economic differences
5understands the relevant scientific and organizational work on the justification of the economic policy of the state, on the definition of targets for the upcoming period and the development of medium-term plans for the socio-economic development of the country and its administrative-territorial taxa
6applies in practice economic and social indicators of development of the corresponding regions (districts, cities, regions);
7applies the mechanisms of socio-economic policy within the object of management
8analyzes medium – and long-term prospects for socio-economic development of rural areas, districts, cities and regions
9analyzes issues related to improving the structure of economic management bodies
10monitoring evaluates the execution of government Programs, the President’s address, plans, decisions of Central and local bodies of economic management to identify necessary adjustments to take account of prevailing on the ground of specific conditions and situations
11assesses the effectiveness of the management of the economy and social sphere of rural settlements, districts, districts, cities and regions