Educational program6B04108 Finance and accounting
EP purpose Training of highly qualified, competitive personnel in the field of finance and accounting, with flexible and professional competencies, analytical thinking and research skills that meet the modern requirements of the labor market and the needs of society.
EP typeNew EP
Level on NQF6
Level on SQF6
EP distinctive featuresNo
The awarded academic degreeBachelor
Period of study4
Volume of the credits240
Language of educationRussian, kazakh
Date of approval of the OP at the Board meeting21.10.2021 (protocol No. 5)
Professional standardFinancial management
                               Learning outcomes:
1Possess knowledge in the field of economics, law and anti-corruption culture; skills of entrepreneurship, leadership, receptivity to innovation, competence in writing academic texts and ethics of scientific research
2Apply statistical indicators of economic development at the micro and macro levels to analyze and assess the competitiveness of national economy sectors
3To use theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of financial relations and financial institutions to assess the effectiveness of monetary policy and regulation of monetary circulation
4Compare the features of the activities of financial institutions and the organizational structure of banks, classify the types of banking operations and services provided to individuals and legal entities, VIP clients for the development of marketing strategy and management of banking business
5Analyze the composition and structure of state budget revenues, calculate taxes and other mandatory payments, possess the competencies of tax consulting on fiscal policy and gender budgeting within the framework of state tax management
6Prepare financial statements and audit the production process in financial organizations and enterprises of economic sectors based on accounting and auditing principles and IFRS for making optimal management decisions and developing accounting policies
7Conduct analytical research, observing ethical standards in the field of business and management, in the field of finance, accounting and auditing using statistical data, digital technologies and international systems and standards
8To develop a strategy for planning the activities of a commercial organization, methods for managing cash flows, sources of business financing and financial risks of the enterprise
9To evaluate the features of the international financial system, the state of modern payment systems, the effectiveness of the monetary, credit, deposit, currency, insurance, pension and securities markets
10Assess the creditworthiness of the borrower, provide consulting services on financial issues, bank lending, insurance, business organization
11Analyze the effectiveness of investment projects, sources of financing and lending of investments, financial statements of enterprises and commercial organizations, risk management methods within the framework of dividend and accounting policies
12To develop instruments of monetary regulation of the economy, measures for the control and supervision of financial institutions, directions for the development of fiscal policy influence to ensure the socio-economic stability of the state