Educational program7М01301 Primary education pedagogy and methodology
EP purpose training highly qualified and competitive scientific and pedagogical personnel in the field of primary education, capable of implementing professional activities in the context of globalization and internationalization of education, with practical skills, high spiritual, moral and leadership qualities
EP typecurrent
Level on NQF7
Level on SQF7
The awarded academic degreemaster’s degree
Period of study2
Volume of the credits120
Language of educationKazakh, Russian, English
Date of approval of the OP at the Board meeting07.04.2021 (protocol No. 4)
Professional standardPedagog
                               Learning outcomes:
1she speaks a foreign language at a professional level, which allows conducting research, teaching at universities, presenting and defending the results of comprehensive scientific and pedagogical activities, and communicating in a professional environment
2critically analyzes current trends in the development of scientific knowledge, the history of the development of foreign pedagogy and domestic pedagogical science, forms an idea about the role of science and education in public life, about the modern system of primary education among students
3analyzes the conceptual foundations of the psychological and pedagogical study of students, the specifics of the diagnosis of the educational process, the system of concepts that reflect the essence of the pedagogical diagnosis of educational results, can think creatively and be creative in solving new problems and situations
4analyzes the scientific and methodological foundations of measurements and monitoring studies in systems for assessing the quality of education and the provision of educational services, applies a high-quality system for monitoring and evaluating students’ knowledge
5implements methods and means of improving and developing the intellectual level of the student, applies methods, techniques, technologies of modern pedagogy of higher education
6possesses the skills necessary to implement the updated content of primary education, practically uses pedagogical approaches, educational materials of educational programs of courses, knows how to critically analyze existing concepts, the system of criteria-based assessment and the methodology of its implementation in teaching practice
7owns the methodology of scientific and pedagogical research, the formation of skills and planning, organization and conduct of a pedagogical experiment, research papers, knows how to systematize the theoretical and scientific-organizational work of the university, applies methods of processing scientific data
8creatively uses the achievements of the theory and practice of primary education, teaching methods in elementary school, summarizes and implements best practices and the results of research work in the educational process, performs an integral function of the formation, use, implementation of innovative technologies
9analyzes the modern trends of scientific and educational management, focuses on the psychological and pedagogical content of educational activities, implements the main management functions
10applies knowledge of laws, laws, principles and mechanisms of the pedagogical process in the planning and organization of educational work, the selection of effective forms and methods of education and training of students, performs control and evaluation activities
11plans and solves the problems of his own professional and personal development, knows how to develop a program of self-improvement, analyze materials and sources, owns the skills of abstract thinking, scientific analysis and synthesis
12carries out the development, adaptation, implementation of educational programs in a multicultural environment, taking into account the individual characteristics of children, is tolerant to social, ethnic, religious and cultural differences