Educational program01503 Informatics
EP purpose preparation of graduates for professional activities in the field of information and communication technologies, network technologies and modern programming technologies
EP typecurrent
Level on NQF7
Level on SQF7
The awarded academic degreemaster’s degree
Period of study1
Volume of the credits60
Language of educationKazakh, Russian, English
Date of approval of the OP at the Board meeting07.04.2021 (protocol No. 4)
Professional standardPedagog
                               Learning outcomes:
1possesses the skills of systemic vision and systemic thinking, contributing to the quick and effective solution of intellectual and practical problems as a scientist and teacher
2uses modern teaching models (traditional, innovative, etc.), their design and implementation in educational
3organizes pedagogical activity in the conditions of modern educational technologies; uses ICT in various fields of educational activity; develops educational electronic publications and knowledge assessment systems
4applies General scientific methodology and scientific and theoretical devices, techniques and principles of professional activity. Identifies promising areas in the field of Informatization of education, uses the latest approaches and methods of computer science in professional activities, conducts a comparative analysis of them, expresses and justifies its position on the issues of Informatization of society.
5speaks a foreign language at a professional level that allows for scientific research
6analyzes, systematizes and summarizes the results of scientific research in the field of education by applying a set of research methods to solve specific research problems
7creates software, develops methodology and conducts SOFTWARE testing, and develops the SOFTWARE user interface to meet all requirements