Educational program7M04103 Management
EP purpose The purpose of the educational program the implementation of educational programs of postgraduate education for the preparation of managerial personnel for industries and all fields of activity with in-depth training.
EP typeActing EP
Level on NQF7
Level on SQF7
EP distinctive featuresNo
The awarded academic degreeMaster
Period of study1
Volume of the credits60
Language of educationRussian, Kazakh, English
Date of approval of the OP at the Board meeting07.04.2021 (protocol No. 4)
                               Learning outcomes:
1takes an active civil position in interpersonal and intercultural communication in a multilingual environment on the basis of fundamental knowledge and skills in the field of social, political, cultural, psychological Sciences in the context of their role in the modernization and digitalization of Kazakhstan’s society
2has the ability to evaluate and apply innovative approaches to the understanding of social phenomena and processes in the legal, entrepreneurial, industrial, environmental environment;
3LO3 – owns information technology, information management skills owns information technology, information management skills
4define the goals and objectives in their professional activities
5uses theoretical knowledge in practice and is able to apply modern scientific methods of knowledge and is able to organize work on a scientific basis, using knowledge of Economics
6is able to choose effective forms of organization and management of the enterprise, taking into account their specifics and specific conditions of activity
7is able to use domestic and foreign experience in the field of Economics, marketing and management
8has the skills of social interaction and is able to plan and manage time rationally
9owns the legal framework and principles of business organization in Kazakhstan
10able to develop business plans