Educational program

8D04201 Jurisprudence

EP purpose 


Training of highly qualified doctors of philosophy with fundamental knowledge and professional competencies in the development and implementation of legal norms and scientific research to ensure law and order.

EP type

Acting EP

Level on NQF


Level on SQF


EP distinctive features


The awarded academic degree


Period of study


Volume of the credits


Language of education

Russian, Kazakh, English

Date of approval of the OP at the Board meeting

07.04.2021 (protocol No. 4)

Professional standard

Developed on the basis of the NQF and well as taking into account the proposals of employers


                               Learning outcomes:


have the skills of writing and speaking at the academic level, know the legal terminology in the national and international aspects, as well as master the technique of legal translation.


to use knowledge about the concepts, system, sources and subjects of financial law and be able to disassemble emerging topical problems in this area.


to reveal the content of the features of the system of EU legislation, as well as to consider the fundamentals of labor law of the countries of the European Union.


have the skills of doing business in the civil and criminal procedural law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as disclose the content of the mechanism for improving civil and labor legal relations of national legislation.


to analyze legal principles, legislation and previous court decisions based on the knowledge gained about the methods of scientific research.


To be able to systematize the theoretical and practical aspects of conflicts arising in the professional environment.


to represent and protect individuals in courts, to understand the situation of legal regulation during prosecutorial supervision and be able to identify urgent problems of advocacy and crime prevention.


be able to predict and plan the trend of professional development of legal systems and mechanisms of civil and civil procedure law.