Virtual representative office «Zhetysu»

The representative office is a separate information and practical center that represents the interests of Zhetysu University at the Linguistic-Technical University, as well as the interests of the Linguistic-Technical University at Zhetysu University, being a virtual platform for the exchange, dissemination of educational, research and cultural practices of universities.

  • Objectives
  • Tasks
  • Employees
  • Strengthen the image and popularity of one university at a partner university;
  • Create conditions for expanding areas of cooperation by organizing and implementing joint events and projects;
  • Promote the creation of a permanent information center for research, educational, methodological, cultural and educational work.
  • Representing universities through an online platform;
  • Promote and coordinate the academic mobility of teaching staff and students from both universities to participate in training internships, seminars, educational and scientific trips, and joint teaching work;
  • Organization of joint online master classes, seminars, virtual tours of the university and placement of up-to-date information on cooperation between the two universities, held events;
  • Promote languages and culture at the partner university by organizing joint online master classes, lectures, and courses;
  • Attracting and providing information support for students of one university to study at a partner university, including in the framework of double degree programs, joint educational programs.

Kaikibayeva Ainur

Director of the International Cooperation Center - employee of the virtual representative office «Zhetysu»

+7 (728) 240-10-19 ;
internal number (1157)

Kilevaya Lyudmila

Professor, Doctor of Philology - employee of the virtual representative office «Zhetysu»