The purpose of the department of operational works is to prepare and control the functioning of the university facilities in the conditions of the autumn-winter heating season; to organize and control the living conditions of students and employees in dormitories; to implement measures for safety, labor protection and fire safety in the university departments; to develop and implement plans for construction, capital and current repairs of buildings and structures of the university; to ensure current repair, cleaning, preventive, sanitary works.

  • High-quality implementation of the annual planned repair of the university buildings preparation of defective certificates for the preparation of estimates based on accepted applications;
  • Maintenance of buildings, structures, premises and equipment;
  • Control over the construction and commissioning of new educational buildings and structures;
  • Supply of furniture, household equipment, office supplies;
  • Ensuring the smooth operation of university vehicles;
  • Organization, control of the activities of the structural divisions of the university on the issues of economic services;
  • Rational use of material, financial and thermal energy resources;
  • Ensuring the maintenance of sanitary and hygienic conditions and compliance with fire safety rules in the academic buildings and adjacent territories of the university;
  • Uninterrupted supply of educational buildings and dormitories of the university with electric energy and high-quality telephone communication;
  • Conducting an annual technical inspection of vehicles.
  • Maintenance and ensuring the proper condition in accordance with the rules and regulations of industrial sanitation and fire protection of the building and premises in which the university units are located;
  • Monitoring the serviceability of equipment (lighting, heating, ventilation, etc.);
  • Participation in the inventory of buildings, premises and equipment in order to control their safety and technical condition;
  • Planning of current and capital repairs of fixed assets (buildings, water supply systems, electricity, heat supply and other structures), making estimates of economic expenses;
  • Repair of premises, classrooms, laboratories, sports facilities, quality control of repair work;
  • Accounting, preservation and use of building materials, etc. material assets required for repair and construction work.

Abishev Yerbosyn Tolegenovich

Director of the department of operational works

+7 (728) 222 06-86 ; (1102)

Kim Valery Leonidovich

Head of the department of building maintenance and landscaping territories

+7 (728) 222 08-67 ; (1167)

Kurmangaliev Kenzhegali Batyrbekovich

Head of the security services department (1196)

Zainidinova Nargiz Tumarovna

Specialist in civil defense and emergency situations, labor protection and fire safety (1197)

Dzhamanaeva Gulshat Amangeldinovna

Head of the educational building № 1

+7 (728) 222-18-74; (1128)

Rakishev Sagi Zhumakhanovich

Head of the educational building № 2 (2231)

Sadykov Ayatollah Kumarbekovich

Head of the educational building № 3

+7 (728) 224-71-04

Shalabaeva Anar Bidambekovna

Head of the hostel № 1

+7 (728) 225-38-39; (2226)

Omarov Yerbulan Tleutaevich

Head of the hostel № 2

+7 (728) 231-82-74

Sadykova Aisulu Serikovna

Head of the hostel " House of Students"

+7 (728) 240-10-23