1. Acceptance of applications from July 3 to August 3 of the calendar year

The doctoral program accepts persons with a master’s degree and work experience of at least 9 (nine) months.

Persons working in the doctoral program submit the following documents to the university:

1) application (in any form);

2) a document of education (original, when submitting documents to the admissions committee);

3) identity document (required for identification of the individual);

4) international certificate confirming the use of a foreign language (English, German, French) according to the programs of the International English Language Tests System (IELTS, threshold score-no more than 5.5),

IELTS Indicator (AITLS indicator) Vicious ball-No menu 5.5,

English Language Test as a Legal Test Programming (TOEFL ITP (TOEFL ITP) Vicious ball-No menu 460 points,

English language test as a language for institutional testing of Internet-based test programs (TOEFL IBT) Vicious Ball-no menu 46,

English language test as a paper-based language (TOEFL PBT) Vicious ball-No menu 453,

Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR, Vicious ball-V2),

Deutsche Sprachpruefung fuer den Hochschulzugang (DSH, Niveau V2 / Level V2),

TestDaF-Prufung (Niveau V2 / level V2), Test de Franzais International ™ (TFI-at least level V2 for reading and listening sections),

Diploma ed’etudesen Langue franzaise (DELF, level B2),

Graduate of the Franchise University (DALF, level V2),

Test de connaissance du franzais (TCF-no menu 50 points) (subliner);

The authenticity and validity of the submitted certificates are checked by the admissions committee.

5) six 3×4 cm photos;

6) a personal personnel record sheet or other document confirming employment, certified by the personnel service at the place of work;

7) list of scientific and methodological works (scientific publications, research plan, essays and other documents) for the last 3 calendar years;

Together with copies of the documents specified in this paragraph, their originals are provided for verification. After the reconciliation, the originals are returned.

Acceptance of applications (in any form) for persons applying for training under the state educational order within the framework of targeted training for groups of educational programs of doctoral studies is carried out in universities.

  1. The entrance exam is held from 4 to 20 August of the calendar year.

Persons entering the groups of educational programs in the fields of education “Pedagogical Sciences”, “Natural Sciences, mathematics and statistics”, “Information and Communication Technologies”, “Engineering, Manufacturing and construction industries”, as well as training areas “Humanities”, “Social Sciences”, “Business and Management” are exempt from the entrance exams to the doctoral program if they have an international certificate of passing the standardized test Graduate Record Examinations (GRE).

International Standardized Test GRE

Entrance exams

Test Sections

Points for the fields of education “Pedagogical sciences”, areas of training “Humanities”, ” Social sciences»

Points for the fields of education “Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics”, “Information and Communication Technologies”, “Engineering, manufacturing and construction industries”, areas of training ” Business and Management»



Quantitative Reasoning 

at least 159 points

at least 164 points

Entrance exam for the profile of the group of educational programs


Verbal Reasoning 

at least 149 points

at least 145 points

an international certificate confirming foreign language proficiency in accordance with the common European competencies (standards) of foreign language proficiency.


Analytical Writing

at least 3 points

at least 2 points

  1. Enrollment – until August 28 of the calendar year.

The authenticity and validity of the submitted certificates are checked by the admissions committee.

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