Gabdullina Razida

Position: senior lecturer


  • 1977. KazGU named after KIROV. Specialty: Political Economy. Qualification: Economist. Teacher of political Economy.

Scientific works

  • Application of innovative teaching technologies in economic disciplines – – – Textbook Almaty, RPIIK “Dauir” LLP, 2007
  • Diversification of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a factor of competitiveness //Bulletin of the University of Turan/ / – No. 2, 2015. Almaty,.CCSON. 54-59 bb.
  • The Economics of tourism (proc. manual) / / Almaty, 2015 “Evero” publishing house.ISBN 978-601-315-796-7.
  • Methodological recommendations for the passage of pre-graduate practice for students of the final courses of the specialty 5B050600 “economics” – Taldykorgan. ZhSU named after I. Zhansugurov, 2015.
  • Methodological recommendations for the preparation and defense of a master’s thesis (in economic specialties)- Taldykorgan. Zhansugurov ZHSU ,2015 ISBN 978-601-216-322-3.
  • International Economics (study.manual) – Taldykorgan. ZhSU named after I. Zhansugurov, 2015.
  • Foreign experience of small business support// Great Britain, Of 11-International research and practice conference 30.04-7.05.2015. 37-40.