Katenov Amangeldy Kamalovich

Degree: candidate of philosophical sciences

Position: senior lecturer


Education: higher

Educational institution: S. M. Kirov Kazakh State University

Specialty: Philosophy

Year of graduation: 1968

Qualification: The Philosopher

Academic degree: Candidate of Philosophical Sciences

Specialty: The Philosopher

Year of assignment: One thousand nine hundred seventy five

The topic of the candidate’s dissertation: “Problems of being»

Research interests: “Problems of being»

Courses taught:

  1. Philosophy
  2. Sociology
  3. Cultural studies
  4. Political Science

Professional development

15.05.2010 seminar ” academic mobility in the Bologna Process”

15.05.2010 course” methodology of Philosophy and Science ” Institute of advanced training of teachers of Al – Farabi Kazakh National University

11.09.2013 Course ” Electronic Government and electronic services”

01.09.2016″ conceptual foundations of education in the new content of Education “on the topic” civil control”

Scientific works

Selected publications of recent years out of 60:

1. Monograph “Problems of being”. Taldykorgan 2004

2. “Pre-Socratic ideas about matter”. Materials of the international scientific and practical conference “Education-Science-society: problems and Prospects of interaction” 3-part. Taldykorgan 2013