Seisekenova Meirambala Beisembekovna

Degree: K.E.N.

Post: Senior Lecturer


  • Almaty technical school of Soviet trade, 1972, technician technologist. Moscow Trade Institute, Faculty of Economics, 1979, qualification economist. Candidate of Economic Sciences, since 2004, TURAN University, Almaty.


  • National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise (NTsGNTE). Expert teacher from 2018 to 2020. Participation in the 2nd International competition of student and scientific papers in the field of marketing and sociological research “Zhas Zerde”, 03/04/2016. Diploma and letter of thanks.
  • Medal “Y. Altynsarin” for the education of the young generation and fruitful work. 12.12.2020 year.

Scientific works

  • SCIENCE AND LIFE OF KAZAKHSTAN. International scientific journal No. 1 (73) 2019, special issue. (State registration: No. 9875-Ж 09.02.2009, International registration: ISSN 2073 – 333X, Paris, March 2009)
    The frequency of publication is monthly., Astana, pp. 253-258. KKSON 0.31 (co-author Sherimova N.Sh)

  • Journal “Statistics, accounting and audit”, Almaty, No. 2 (73). P.118-121, 2019 Registration certificate No. 9099-Zh dated 25.03.2008. issued by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Committee for Information and Archives by the Order of the Committee for Control in the Sphere of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 1027 dated 17.10.2016. the journal is included in the List of Scientific Publications Recommended by the Committee for the publication of the main results of scientific activity. The journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) and in the scientific electronic library (WWW.ELIBRARY.RU) (License agreement with NEB LLC No. 133-03 / 2016 KKSON is placed 0.19 (co-authors Ydyrys S.S.d. Sci., Ergobek D.K., doctoral student)

  • Journal “Statistics, accounting and audit”, Almaty, No. 2 (73). Pp.105-107, 2019 0.16 (co-authors Baisholanova K.S., Kuralbaeva R.E.)

  • Journal “Statistics, accounting and audit”, Almaty, No. 2 (73). Pp.105-107, 2019 0.22 (co-authors Lukhmanova G.K., Shiganbaeva N.B.)

  • Materials of the 10th scientific-practical conference of young scientists and students, dedicated to the Day of the Economist, Nur-Sultan 2019. KazUEFMT, pp. 126-129 0.25 (co-author Dzhamanaev D.S.)

  • Materials of the 1st Republican Scientific and Practical Conference “Economics, Science, Innovation” dated March 20, 2020. Ukraine. Donetsk National Technical University. Donetsk 2020.S. 238-242. RSCI 0.31
  • Electronic resource. 1-2 part.d. Almaty: ed. “Evero”, 2020. – 714p. To be in print. 44.6
    Almaty: Publishing Center “Evero”, 2020, 1-2 parts. 738s. To be in print. 46.1
  • Materials of the international scientific-practical conference “ALTYN ORDA – THE BASIS OF THE KAZAKH STATEHOOD”, dedicated to the 750th anniversary of the state of Altyn Orda. Publishing Department of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurova. 040009, Taldykorgan, st. Zhansugurov, 187a. Pp. 312-317 (co-authors Zhumal Zh., Iembekova A., Kұttubek Sh., Kanatkhan S., Salekhova N.)